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Lab 1 – Neurociencia Auditiva y Cognitiva

Cognitive and Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

We study the structure and function of the auditory brain. Over the last 15 years, our research has focused on the neurophysiological and neurochemical mechanisms that govern neuronal adaptacion, and the relationship between the MMN (mismatch negativity, a human brain signal altered in neuropsychiatric conditions) and its neuronal correlate, the SSA (stimulus specific adaptation). Since more recently, we study the processing of auditory information at a neuronal level from the perspective of the predictive coding theory of perception. We are currently expanding the scope of our research to cover the basic neuronal mechanisms involved in auditory learning. We investigate the behavioural consequences of auditory training, in both normal and neuropsychiatric animal models of disorders such as schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Finally, our lab is also concerned with the understanding of activity-dependent plasticity due to hearing loss the processing of speech and synaptopathy and How hearing loss affects Alzheimer’s Disease

Investigador principal del grupo

Dr. Manuel Sánchez Malmierca
Catedrático de Universidad
Producción Científica

David Pérez González
Investigador Postdoctoral Senior; Proyecto MINECO

Warren Baya
Investigador Postdoctoral Senior; Proyecto ERA-NET NEURON

Adam Hockley
Investigador USAL4Excellence

Ana Belén Lao Rodríguez
Investigador Postdoctoral

Jazmín Sánchez Sánchez
Investigador Predoctoral; Contrato FPI

Laura Quintela
Investigador Predoctoral; Fundación Ramón Areces

Sara Cacciato Salcedo
Investigador Predoctoral

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  1. Spanish Research Agency PID2019-104570RB-I00. NEUROMODULACION DE LOS ERRORES DE PREDICCION: ADAPTACION NEURO-SENSORIAL Y PREDICCIONES. June 2020-May 2023 Amount awarded: € 237.000
  1. EUROPEAN COMMISSION BRAINTWIN Development of a World-Level Neuroengineering Research Centre by European Twinning. Sep 2020-Augsut 2023 Amount awarded: € 147.000
  1. FUNDACIÓN RAMÓN ARECES. “Age-related Hearing loss and Dementia»AHeaD June 2021-May 2024 Amount awarded: € 112.000 
  1. EUROPEAN COMMISSION ERA-NET-Neuron. The Functional Role of Cochlear Synaptopathy for speech Coding in the brain. CoSySpeech. April 2021-march 2024 Amount awarded: € 147.000